The European Green Belt, our shared natural heritage along the line of the former Iron Curtain, is to be conserved and restored as an ecological network connecting high-value natural and cultural landscapes while respecting the economic, social and cultural needs of local communities.




Most important precondition for membership is the commitment for the European Green Belt. Potential members share and support the vision and the objectives of the European Green Belt Association as set out in its statutes. According to the statutes membership in the European Green Belt Association is possible for legal persons (e.g. non-governmental organization or foundation), state institutions and natural adult persons having full legal capacity as far as this is permitted by the statutory provisions of his/her/its home country. Depending on his/her/its residence or registered office, the member will be assigned to at least one of the regional divisions.  

More details about the different membership categories can be found in the Membership Fee Concept. Membership fees are determined according to the size and the financial capacity of the particular member as outlined in the Membership Fee Concept. The written application of each new member shall be approved by the board.

You can find a list of current members here.

If you would like to join the European Green Belt Association e.V. you will find all necessary information here:

·        Statutes of the European Green Belt Association e.V.

·        Membership Fee Concept

·        Membership Application Form

For more information and submission of membership application forms, please contact:

European Green Belt Association
EuroNatur Foundation (Current Chair)
Konstanzer Str. 22
78315 Radolfzell
Phone: +49-7732-9272-0; Fax: +49-7732-9272-22
Email: association[at]