The European Green Belt, our shared natural heritage along the line of the former Iron Curtain, is to be conserved and restored as an ecological network connecting high-value natural and cultural landscapes while respecting the economic, social and cultural needs of local communities.



Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme

FYR Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo

October 2006 - September 2009

From October 2006 until September 2009, Euronatur together with the Swiss expert organisation for large carnivores KORA and the NGOs MES (Macedonian Ecological Society) and PPNEA (Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania) is implementing a project for the recovery of the Balkan Lynx. The project is an extended follow-up to the BfN supported “Balkan Green Belt as ecological corridor for wolf, bear and lynx”

One focus of the project is the preparation of declaration of additional protected areas along the Balkan Green Belt in areas which – according to recent information – form strongholds of the Balkan Lynx. Namely, these are Prokletije Mountains in northern Albania close to the border of Montenegro and the Shar Planina-Gjalica Lumes mountain range at border triangle of Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo. In Macedonia, Illinska-Paklenska will be an additional project region as this corridor forms an important connection between the already existing Mavrovo, Pelister and Galicica Nationalparks.

A second focus is put on the generation of a set of baseline information needed to establish a reliable monitoring programme for the Balkan Lynx. This implies a strong partnership between governmental and non-governmental institutions on national and international level, increased public awareness and involvement as well as capacity building in nature conservation and wildlife research and management – ambitious goals to be reached within a period of three years, but an important basis for any further activities towards the conservation of the Balkan Lynx.

Implementing Partners:

Euronatur - European Nature Heritage Fund
KORA - Coordinated research projects for the conservation and management of carnivores in Switzerland
MES – Macedonian Ecological Society
BioECO - Macedonia
PPNEA - Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania
ASPBM – Albanian Society for the Protection of Birds and Mammals
NINA – Norwegian Institute for Nature Research
LCIE - IUCN SSC Working Group Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe
IUCN SSC – IUCN Cat Specialist Group

Financial Support:

MAVA Foundation