The European Green Belt, our shared natural heritage along the line of the former Iron Curtain, is to be conserved and restored as an ecological network connecting high-value natural and cultural landscapes while respecting the economic, social and cultural needs of local communities.



Inner-German Green Belt

The area of the former border between the two German states was isolated for decades, creating a connected system of major habitats over a length of 1,393 kilometres – the Green Belt Germany. It is the backbone of an ecological network covering several federal states and meandering through an intensively used cultural landscape within Germany. It is part of the German National Nature Heritage and lighthouse project within the national strategy for the preservation of biodiversity.

The Green Belt from the Baltic to the Vogtland in Saxony connects 17 natural regions and a variety of habitats from fallow land, shrubland and dry grassland to forests, lakes and rivers, wet meadows and bogs.

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