The European Green Belt, our shared natural heritage along the line of the former Iron Curtain, is to be conserved and restored as an ecological network connecting high-value natural and cultural landscapes while respecting the economic, social and cultural needs of local communities.




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European Green Belt Association e.V.
c/o Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland e.V. (BUND)
Friends of the Earth Germany
Am Köllnischen Park 1, 10179 Berlin


The association is registered in the association register at local district court Charlottenburg under reference number VR 33869 B. The chair is authorised to represent the association.

Chair of the European Green Belt Association e.V.
Westendstraße 3
78315 Radolfzell
Tel: + 49 - 7732 - 927210
Fax: + 49 - 7732 – 927222

Executive Director: Gabriel Schwaderer

EuroNatur is a private foundation with legal capacity under civil law. Executive Director Gabriel Schwaderer is authorised to represent the foundation.

Supervisory Authority: Regierungspräsidium Freiburg, reference number 14-2214.8




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