European Green Belt

Course of the European Green Belt

History can seem strange, when the darkest times come with a ray of sunshine. During the Cold War, tensions on both sides of the former Iron Curtain changed the world. Yet nature along the border was protected from major changes. The border created a unique continuity of natural habitats which span the length of the European continent. Now it is our shared task as a European community to secure peace and to protect Europe's longest green network – so that nature and humankind can grow together.

The European Green Belt Initiative is committed to this mission. As a network of partnerships in 24 countries we bridge ecological, cultural and geographical borders along the former Iron Curtain to ensure a safe and sustainable future for the European Green Belt.


We support nature conservation by:

  • Protecting wildlife and habitats, such as wild animals, migrating birds and ancient forests
  • Ensuring that the value of the European Green Belt is reflected in the decisions of local communities, governments and businesses

We influence policy makers by:

  • Collaborating with organisations, decision makers and governments to shape policies and create lasting protection
  • Highlighting the importance of the European Green Belt and its direct contribution to preventing biodiversity loss in Europe

We connect people by:

  • Exploring Europe’s cultural and ecological history together and promoting the European Green Belt as a model for local communities and nature to grow together
  • Collaborating with people, organisations and governments on creating impactful initiatives


We envision a bright, unified future where all people can explore the unique history, culture and natural wonder of the European Green Belt. As we move forward, strong partnerships and enthusiastic support are required to ensure our future success. Discover how you can join us in protecting the wilderness and wildlife of the European Green Belt!

Stretching from the northern tip of Europe through Central Europe to the Black, Ionian and Adriatic Seas, the European Green Belt reveals highly impressive and fragile landscapes and is home to the natural flora and fauna typical of the regions along its route. Passing through many different regions and countries, the European Green Belt presents itself in many different ways, due to the immense political, biological and socio-economic diversity of the different countries.


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