Calls for Proposals

BESTbelt aims at unlocking the local potential along the European Green Belt by providing financial resources and consultation on how to effectively implement actions. With the BESTbelt Calls for proposals local stakeholders have the opportunity to implement activities to protect, restore and sustainably use natural resources along the European Green Belt.

The BESTbelt Calls for proposals are organised in two steps. Applicants submit a concept note for their projects and if it is successful they will be invited to submit a full proposal.


2nd BESTbelt Call - Closed

The concept note phase of the 2nd BESTbelt Call closed on 6th March 2023. 31 projects were invited to submit a full proposal, the deadline is 3rd July 2023.

All documents which need to be submitted for the full proposal application are provided for download (BESTbelt 2nd Call For Proposals - Documents Full Proposal). Please make sure to submit all necessary documents (compare checklist in the full proposal form) and to consider the BESTbelt Procurement Regulation.




Contact details

For general questions on the BESTbelt Call for proposal please read the FAQs first before contacting the BESTbelt Office via email: bestbelt(at)

Information Webinars on BESTbelt 2nd Call for Proposals

The BESTbelt Project Team provides support and training in each of the four regions of the European Green Belt (Fennoscandia, Baltic, Central Europe and Balkan). In webinars applicants can ask questions and get in contact with their regional focal point. Registration dates and links for each region are provided below (all times are in Central European Time (CET).


Webinar Baltic Green Belt

The webinar for the Baltic Green Belt took place on 06/02/2023.


Webinar Fennoscandian Green Belt

The webinar for the Fennoscandian Green Belt took place on 06/02/2023.


Webinar Balkan Green Belt

The webinar for the Balkan Green Belt took place on 09/02/2023.


Webinar Central European Green Belt

The webinar for the Central European Green Belt took place on 13/02/2023.

2nd BESTbelt call for proposals closed


1st BESTbelt Call closed in 2022

The 1st BESTbelt Call closed on 25 July 2022. It resulted in the funding of eleven projects. Relevant documents of the 1st Call are available for download here: 1st Call Operational Manual,1st Call Concept Note Forms, 1st Call Full Proposal Forms


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