Poster European Green Belt

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Brochure published on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the European Green Belt Initiative in 2013

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Haven of Nature - Joint book project of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation and the South Korean Gyeonggi Province published

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Leaflet "European Green Belt"

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Regulations hoto compitition "NATURE AND COLD WAR. Evolving environments along the former Iron Curtain"

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Podcast on the European Green Belt - Listen how the Iron Curtain turned green

How did the concept of the European Green Belt evolve and how successful has it been? BBC reporter Tom Heap takes you to fascinating places and people who are active to conserve the precious places along the European Green Belt. The beauty of the landscapes is highlighted, but so are serious challenges that hamper conservation efforts along this powerful symbol of a wildlife haven.

The BBC documentary was created within the framework of the press trip "30 Years Breakdown of the Iron Curtain", financed within the EU-funded project "DaRe to Connect" (Interreg Danube Transnational Programme):

Listen to the podcast.


European Green Belt Days 2018: Hike to the three-country-peak
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Leaflet "European Green Belt"

The leaflet "European Green Belt - Borders separate. Nature unites!" is available in the following languages, also including a short country information:

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