European Green Belt Nature Culture Conservation Youth Camp organised in Turkey

As part of the European Green Belt Day events on September 20-21-22, young people from different regions of Turkey and experts from Bulgaria met in the forests of Strandja.

a group of young folks at birding
Joined Birding in a wetland area. © Mahmut Koyaş
young folks in wild nature
Group picture in the forests of Strandja. © Mahmut Koyaş

Experts from the Bulgarian Green Balkan shared their experiences in the field of nature conservation work with the youth and bird migration observed together in Strandja.

In the event, Kırklareli museum and Aşağıpınar excavation site were visited in the company of guides to understand our relationship with nature in the past. During our visit to Çağlayık village, we learned about the nature, culture and border relations of the people living in the border villages with the narrative of villager Mr. Mehmet Kaygısız.

With the venue support of the Kırklareli Nature Conservation and National Parks Branch Directorate, the young people had the opportunity to integrate with nature, share their ideas, and re-establish their connection with nature and culture during the three-day camp.

We would like to thank the Green Balkan team, who contributed to the realization of this event, Mr. Zafer Kamay, Director of the Kırklareli Nature Conservation and National Parks Branch, and the European Green Belt network, which was established by non-governmental organizations and government institutions from twenty-four countries.

Selçuk Aslan, Association of Back to Nature, selcuk(at)

Photos of the event; Photos by: Mahmut Koyaş

Video of the event:; Video by: Damla Tabek