Final transboundary workshop held in Rrajcë, Albania

The final workshop of the project “Enhancing Connectivity Along the Balkan Green Belt” took place end of 2023 in Rrajcë, Albania. The workshop was an opportunity for project participants to exchange on challenges and achievements and develop ideas for future intensification of cross-border cooperation in the pilot area of Jablanica-Shebenik.

Joint discussion on project achievements © MES
Brainstorming on key stakeholders of the project © MES

The objective of the project 'Enhancing Connectivity Along the Balkan Green Belt' is to secure the connectivity of the Balkan Green Belt, specifically focusing on Albania and North Macedonia. In the project, gaps and needs for adaptation of the national legal frameworks on green infrastructure and spatial planning were identified, and related recommendations developed.


During the workshop, results from four project reports, focusing on the EU level, the country level for North Macedonia and Albania, the transboundary pilot region of Jablanica-Shebenik, were discussed. The workshop aimed at informing key stakeholders, provide a platform for exchange and support future cooperation in the field of green infrastructure. The project has successfully initiated intensified collaboration between Albania and North Macedonia on green infrastructure and spatial planning, which can be the starting point for future transboundary cooperation.


The project 'Enhancing Connectivity at the Balkan Green Belt' was funded by the Advisory Assistance Programme for environmental protection of the German Federal Environment Ministry in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia and other countries neighbouring the European Union.


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