Get ready to celebrate the European Green Belt during this year's EGB Days from 18th to 24th September 2024!

Are you planning to celebrate this year’s European Green Belt Days? Then get ready to apply for funding to realise your European Green Belt Day!

Celebration of EGB Day 2023 via Fertility and Harvest Festival in village of Levka © Green Balkans
The participants of the Green Belt Camp during their work on the Dernberg © M. Gross

Each year, the European Green Belt Initiative celebrates biological diversity and cultural heritage of the impressive landscapes along the European Green Belt Days from 18 to 24 September. 

There are manifold ways how the European Green Belt Days can be celebrated, from larger awareness raising events to smaller activities like a bird watching tour or an organized hike along the European Green Belt. Let your imagination run wild and be innovative! The EGB Days are a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and share the beauty and uniqueness of your region and celebrate its value!

This year, the European Green Belt Association (EGBA) provides co-funding  of up to 2,500 EUR in the form of small grants for any European Green Belt Day celebration. All partners within the European Green Initiative are eligible for funding and are invited to apply. A jury, being part of the EGBA Board, decides which ideas for EGB Days celebration will receive funding. 


Please send your application via email to association(at) until 11th June 2024! We are looking forward to your application!

You can download this years application documents and read more about the European Green Belt Days here.

Questions can be addressed to: association(at)