LAG Korab-Koritnik: With local communities for a sustainable development in Albania

The local action group LAG Korab-Koritnik is an initiative to create the first local action group for a protected area in Albania. Such structure will combine and represent different sectors and active citizens of the region with the main goal of nature conservation and the promotion of sustainable development.

Meeting with local community in Shishtavec Kukës, Albania. © PPNEA

From Kukësi to Dibra, to villages like Shishtavec, Kukësi’s Wetland, Fshat, Melan, Maqellarë and Radomirë, we organized meetings with local communities from several administrative units in order to present our initiative. Here, locals had the opportunity to discuss and become members of LAG Korab-Koritnik.

While listening to the locals articulating their problems, our trust, that only them could overcome hardships and foster development, was strengthened. We are convinced: No one knows better than them what the area needs, and they will surely work together towards achieving it.

By becoming a member of LAG Korab-Koritnik, locals have a chance to take over responsibilities towards achieving sustainable development, giving such magnificent area an opportunity to transform into a hotspot for sustainable tourism, a model that goes alongside nature.