“ReCo”-Team on Tour – Finding solutions to enhance the European Green Belt

Within the project “ReCo – Restore to Connect” 12 partner organisations belonging to six countries from Poland to Italy join forces to identify and use the potentials along the EGB in order to contribute to coming EU Restoration Law.

Group picture of the project partners during study visit in Jeseníky Mountains. © Martin Kuba, BUND Department Green Belt
“ReCo”-Team on tour looking out for innovative solutions in Josefovské louky. © Martin Kuba, BUND Department Green Belt

In a study visit in June 2023, the ReCo project partners visited protected areas in the eastern part of Czechia to gain insights in management practices and learn from exchanging their experiences. As diverse as the restoration topics in the six ReCo-project regions along the Green Belt are, ranging from high-mountain meadow management to coastal habitat management, the visited sites also had a diverse focus, from high-mountain management practices in the Jeseníky mountains, to open and wetland habitats at Josefovské louky. The lessons learnt during this study visit will be integrated in the pilot actions. They will also be published on the project website.

Under the lead of BUND Department Green Belt, the project partners develop and implement innovative restoration measures. For the EGB in the Programme area, spatial data are analysed, aiming to uncover potentials for future large-scale and targeted restoration measures. Alongside of modern satellite data, also historical information and land-use are incorporated. The project is funded (80%) by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme.

The European Green Belt network bears an enormous potential for nature restoration, and the ReCo-project team wants to contribute to unlock this.



BUND Department Green Belt

Dr. Martin Kuba, martin.kuba(at)bund-naturschutz.de

Website: https://www.interreg-central.eu/projects/reco/

Twitter: @ReCo_project