Time to harvest the initial fruits of the 1st BESTbelt Call!

Project information are online for the first BESTbelt-funded projects! Since end 2022, 11 great and exciting projects have derived from the 1st BESTbelt Call and are bearing initial fruits. Projects can be explored now online.

The first projects funded by BESTbelt spread from the Baltics and Central Europe to the Balkans covering nine countries. In total, 11 diverse projects involving different local organizations are currently being executed. A variety of topics is being covered, such as the conservation and management of natural resources, eco-tourism solutions, code of conduct in coastal areas, mapping and protection of special plant and animal species, among other exciting topics. All in all, the first 11 BESTbelt-funded projects show the great potential of the European Green Belt Initiative and the interest of diverse organisations and engaged individuals to achieve the vision of the European Green Belt.

“BESTbelt – more power for the European Green Belt” is a project being executed by EuroNatur in partnership with BUND Department Green Belt and BUND State branch Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania from October 2021 to December 2026 with funds of the European Union. This project aims, among other objectives, to facilitate the use of European Union funds by small local organisations, build capacity in grant acquisition and project management, and help increase the visibility and importance of the European Green Belt.

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BESTbelt Office (bestbelt(at)europeangreenbelt.org)