Eco-tourism solutions for the small rural entrepreneurs along EGB in Lithuania

The project is being implemented by Lithuanian Countryside Tourism Association in the period of November 2022 until October 2023.

A restored ethnographic homestead from the end of the 19th century. Currently, this place provides accomodation and educations for travellers. © Sodyba Ėvė


Communities want to embrace eco-tourism, yet lack the know-how to kickstart or transform businesses sustainably. Likewise, some tourists lack the knowledge to travel responsibly. Our project involves diligently working with these two groups, igniting change towards a more sustainable tourism landscape.



With innovative eco-tourism products, we can safeguard precious natural resources while fuelling local economic growth. By equipping tourism entrepreneurs with knowledge and methodologies for eco-tourism development, we strengthen local capacities and inspire young individuals to return to their local communities and create their own eco-business ventures. Promoting their effort will motivate travellers to embrace eco-conscious travel choices and service providers.



By enhancing environmental education and raising public awareness, we can unveil the true potential of Lithuania's Green Belt as an eco-tourism destination. To achieve this, we will conduct four empowering workshops to educate local entrepreneurs on how to best offer ecotourism opportunities. We will also launch a publicity campaign that will demonstrate how tourists can travel in an eco-friendly way, creating unforgettable and sustainable adventures.

Expected Results

Live discussion about ecotourism. © Lithuanian Countryside Tourism Association

Our mission is to reinforce eco-tourism and attract travellers into its embrace. To cultivate a greener tourism landscape, we will empower service providers through training and guidance, ensuring they are well-equipped and confident in their sustainable endeavours. Through our efforts, we can revolutionise not only the mindset of local entrepreneurs but also the choices made by travellers, steering them towards a more sustainable path.

Eco-tourism solutions for the small rural entrepreneurs along EGB in Lithuania

Nearest city:

The project is being implemented in the region Šilutė, Palanga and Šventoji.


Lithuanian Countryside Tourism Association
K. Donelaičio str. 2-201, LT-44213
Kaunas, Lithuania

Contact person for the BESTbelt project is
Kotryna Kabašinskaitė info(at)

Duration: 12 months

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