Protection of the Eagle Owl in Western Slovenia

The project is being implemented by DOPPS – BirdLife Slovenia in the period of January 2023 until June 2024.

Electrocution mitigation on a middle voltage powerline. © Pia Höfferle


The magnificent eagle owl, the largest owl species in Europe, faces grave perils in Slovenia. Its distinctive hunting behavior, perching on high-voltage power lines, has led to a tragic number of electrocution incidents. Urgent action is required to secure middle voltage pylons and ensure the survival of this remarkable species.



In our ambitious project, we strive to identify and safeguard the crucial hunting territories surrounding the nests of eagle owls. We aim to provide essential protection for at least three key areas at high risk of electrocution by installing isolation on 20 to 30 middle voltage power line pylons in 2023. Comprehensive surveys will be conducted in 2023 and 2024, before and after the pylon isolation, capturing the impact of our efforts.



  • Conducting comprehensive research to collect data on the breeding areas.
  • Developing a model that prioritizes and highlights the most significant areas for conservation.
  • Identifying at least 5 areas that require immediate attention.
  • Implementing isolation measures on a minimum of 20-30 perilous middle voltage poles.
  • Conducting before and after surveys to assess the effects of our efforts.

Expected Results

Our mission is to reduce electrocution incidents in the critical eagle owl hunting areas. Through targeted identification of up to five key areas where immediate action is required and mitigating up to three areas notorious for electrocution risks, we will foster regular territory occupancy, particularly in areas with historically low breeding success. This will ultimately bolster the eagle owl population in this vital segment of its range.

Protection of the Eagle Owl in Western Slovenia

Nearest city:
Gorizia (Italy)

The project is being implemented in the Municipality of Nova Gorica, on the slopes of Trnovski gozd and stretching along the Karst edge from Movraž village to Dekani village


DOPPS – BirdLife Slovenia
Tržaška cesta 2, 1000 Ljubljana

Contact person for the BESTbelt project is
Pia Höfferle pia.hofferle(at)

Duration: 18 months

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