Towards biodiversity conservation and strengthening protected area management of Cijevna River

The project is being implemented by Montenegrin Ecologists Society in partnership with EcoTeam in the period of October 2022 until April 2024.

Panorama view of the magnificent Cijevna River Canyon. © Andrijana Mićanović


The Cijevna River Canyon, situated in Tuzi municipality, is a designated Monument of Nature, and boasts remarkable biodiversity. Endemic, rare, and endangered plant and animal species thrive here. Despite long-standing protection, no management plan or socioeconomic study has been conducted for years. Anthropogenic activities, like the reconstruction of the Montenegro-Albania road, have adversely impacted the area, destroying a unique plant community. The unique plant community Adianto-Pinguiculetum hirtiflorae Stevanović & Bulić 1989m, which is described only in this canyon and is essential to the ecosystem, faces extinction due to inadequate protected area management, infrastructure development, and a lack of political will and research.



To enhance protection measures for threatened species in the project area, we will:

  • Assess the population status of Adianto-Pinguiculetum hirtiflorae in the canyon.
  • Determine ecosystem requirements and implement management activities for long-term preservation of P. hirtiflorae habitats.
  • Increase visibility, awareness, and image of the protected area, highlighting its rich biodiversity.
  • Conduct a socioeconomic analysis, exploring residents' attitudes and development potential within the protected natural asset.



  • Study species ecology and map the project area.
  • Analyze spatial planning documents to prevent conflicts with the protected area's purpose and avoid degrading P. hirtiflora habitats.
  • Collaborate with the Environmental Protection Agency to help develop the Red List.
  • Organize round tables and meetings with municipality representatives and the local community for valuable information in the socioeconomic study.
  • Create educational and promotional materials.
Exemplar of Pinguicula hirtiflora found on a rock in the Cijevna Canyon. © Andrijana Mićanović

Expected Results

We are forging a path towards the sustainable and enhanced management of the Cijevna River protected area. By improving the status of endangered species, identifying of potentials for economic valorization of biodiversity, ecosystems, and ecosystem services, initiating dialogue with authorities, and enhancing public awareness regarding the significance and ecological values of Cijevna River as a protected area, we hope to create a wilder future.

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Towards biodiversity conservation and strengthening protected area management of Cijevna River

Nearest city:

The project is being implemented in the Cijevna Canyon.


Montenegrin Ecologist Society
Kruščica bb, Danilovgrad,

Contact person for the BESTbelt project is
Andrijana Mićanović ana.micanovic11(at)

Duration: 18 months

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