Youth Experience European Green Belt in Austria

This project is implemented by the Landesgruppe Steiermark of the Austrian Naturschutzjugend (önj)  from November 2023 until October 2025.

Students excursion to the "Ökoinsel Lafnitzwiesen" at the Euopean Green Belt in Austria. © Oliver Gebhardt


In today's world, many children have lost touch with nature, and they are often unaware of the most common animal and plant species. It is therefore important to share knowledge about nature, respond to negative impacts and offer solutions.



Our project aims to raise awareness of the need to protect and restore biodiversity along Austria’s Green Belt, for example by creating ecological corridors and refuges for species, extensive management of meadows or protecting healthy forests.



Within the project, we will:

  • Organize excursions to areas along the Austrian Green Belt to showcase their high biodiversity.
  • Carry out habitat improvements to protect animal and plant species.
  • Run workshops to teach children about conservation. In this way, the children will act as multipliers at a young age.
  • Plant woody plants appropriate to the site to support  functioning alluvial forest ecosystems.
  • Restore habitats of different animal species, e.g. by planting small forests or flowering stripes.
  • Promote insect-friendly mowing and build nesting aids for bats and dormice.
Kids flowering area in Granz (Austria). © Oliver Gebhardt

Expected Results

Schoolchildren will have learnt about the importance of the Green Belt, and in particular the conservation value of habitats and the species which inhabit them, through field visits and workshops. Educational materials will be disseminated through newspapers, social media channels and websites. In addition, a quantitative survey of trees, set up nesting aids and flower strips will be carried out.

Youth Experience European Green Belt

The project is implemented in the Steiermark, Austria.


Österreichische Naturschutzjugend (önj) - Landesgruppe Steiermark
Herdergasse 3/2, 8010 Graz


Nearest city: Graz

Contact person for the BESTbelt project: Oliver Gebhardt oliver.gebhardt(at)

Duration: 24 months

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