Connectivity Through Pastures in Albania

This project is implemented by REC Albania from November 2023 to October 2025.

White lily valley. © Abdulla Diku


Albanian pastures are among the ecosystems most severely impacted by climate change. More than 80% of the pastures in the project area are located on steep slopes and more than half of them are at altitudes above 1000 meters. More than 60% of these pastures have experienced soil erosion, for example due to invasion by alien species, increased wildfires as a result from prolonged droughts, or landslides caused by intense rainfall and flash floods.

Pasture bordering pine forest. © Abdulla Diku


Our project aims to enhance sustainable pasture utilization and rehabilitation, for example by conducting a comprehensive assessment, by mapping vegetation, and by considering socio-economic factors. We plan to implement rotational pasture use and promote trans-boundary cooperation to foster sustainable farming practices. Additionally, we aim to enhance environmental education within the community to further support these objectives.



Our approach involves:

  • Integrating our recommendations into the Regional Administration of Protected Areas (RAPA)’s annual Action Plans.
  • Engaging local municipality representatives to address the needs for pasture improvement in local plans and for providing support for local livestock management.
  • Suggesting measures for pasture improvement and the promotion of trans-boundary cooperation to enhance ecological connectivity, based on a comprehensive study.
Pasture lands revealed after the spring thaw. © Abdulla Diku

Expected Results

Our expected project results include the development of a comprehensive “Map of Pastures and Habitats”, and a published paper documenting the project’s methodology, results, and recommendations in a relevant scientific journal. We also expect the integration of our recommendations into RAPA’s annual management plans. A national workshop will be held to discuss challenges and solutions related to pasture management, providing a forum for project visibility and experience sharing. Additionally, a  detailed pasture inventory showing the distribution and composition of pastures will be developed and published.

Connectivity Through Pastures

The project is implemented in the municipalities of Kukës and Dibër, Albania.


Resource Environmental Center in Albania (REC)
Rr. “Ismail Qemali”, No. 27, 1001
Tirana, Albania


Nearest city: Tirana

Contact person for the BESTbelt project: Ani Ahmetaj, manager(at)

Duration: 24 months

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