Rebuilding the Lower Bojana Basin and Ulcinj Ecosystem Complex BESTbelt heritage in Montenegro

This project is implemented by the Environment Programme (EnvPro) in cooperation with the Dr Martin Schneider-Jacoby Assoc (MSJA) and the Monitoring group Ulcinj (MogUL) from November 2023 to October 2025.

Lower Bojana Basin. © Rina Kovaçi


The ecological quality of the Lower Bojana Basin and Ulcinj Ecosystem Complex (LBBUEC) is declining due to flooding, soil and beach erosion, loss of vegetation cover and eutrophication, caused by strong rivers and local agricultural practices. In addition, habitat fragmentation leads to biodiversity loss, changing species compositions and the spread of invasive species.




The main objective of the project is to protect LLBUEC and to restore its biodiversity. It aims to establish ecological corridors, increase the ecosystems’ resilience towards climatic changes, apply nature-based solutions and promote sustainable management. In addition, the project aims to raise awareness and increase the number of nature protection supporters, e.g. by celebrating positive actions and creating sustainable partnerships.



The project aims to achieve its goals by:

  • Preserving existing, functional ecological structures and increasing the (self-) regulating capacity of forests, wetlands and grasslands (through mapping, protecting, and monitoring of ecosystems and their functionality).
  • Introducing a sustainable management and restoration of ecologically significant sites and increasing the ecological network’s integrity. This will be achieved through actions by local stakeholders and sharing of inspiring examples and  a positive attitude towards nature conservation.

Expected Results

The project will provide a deeper understanding of the conservation and revitalization of LBBUEC, and the sustainable practices needed to protect its ecosystem services. The project will identify what structures are needed and must be integrated into local traditions, institutional mandates and policies. In doing so, the project will increase the resilience of LLBUEC and support the connectivity of forests, wetlands and grasslands that people rely on and benefit from.

Rebuilding the Lower Bojana Basin and Ulcinj Ecosystem Complex BESTbelt heritage

The project is implemented in the Lower Bojana Basin and Ulcinj Ecosystem Complex – LBBUEC, Municipality Ulcinj, Montenegro.

Environment Programme (EnvPro)
Baku 22, Toloska suma
Podgorica 81000, Montenegro


Nearest city: Ulcinj

Contact person for the BESTbelt project: Ana Katnic ana(at)

Duration: 24 months

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