Albanian Alps

Prokletije Bjeshket e Nemuna Mountains. © V. Valbone
View of the rocky formations. © Gavrilo Knezevic
View of the landscape. © I. Shyti

Names in the national language

Albanian Alps (Albania)

Bjeshket e Nemuna (Kosovo)

Prokletije (Montenegro, Kosovo)


Location and short description

Prokletije Mountains (or Bjeshket e Nemuna) are also known as “The Accursed Mountains”, in a region shared by Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. In Albania, they are also known as “Albanian Alps”. The central part of this predominantly mountainous area is the Plav - Gusinje valley. The influence of the continental and mediterranean climate, as well as the composition of the soil, led to a rich diversity of plants and animals, including numerous endemic plant and animal species.


Special features

The mountain range offers breathtaking views with its highest peak Maja Jezercë (2,694 m) in Albania. In addition, the Plav-Gusinje valley presents the largest glacial valley on the Balkans with ca. 25 km in length. The Gashi Strict Protected Area in Albania comprises remnants of virgin beech forests, which are considered an UNESCO World Nature Heritage Site. The territory of the mountain encompasses over 1,700 species of plants, representing half of the flora of Montenegro, and approximately 1/5 of the total Balkan flora.


Main biotop types

Karst, calcareous rocky slopes with cashomophytic vegetation and coniferous forests



  • Mammals: Brown bear (Ursus arctos), Grey wolf (Canis lupus), Balkan lynx (Lynx lynx balcanicus); Mediterranean horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus euryale), Geoffroy's bat (Myotis emarginatus)
  • Birds: Golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos), Peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus), Western capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus), Three-toed woodpecker (Picoides tridactylus)
  • Insects: Red wood ant (Formica rufa), Stag beetle (Lucanus cervus), European rhinoceros beetle (Oryctes nasicornis), Scarce swallowtail (Papilio podalirius), Capricorn beetle (Cerambyx cerdo)
  • Fish: Brown trout (Salmo trutta fario), Drini trout (Salmo farioides)
  • Amphibians: Alpine salamander (Salamandra atra), Smooth newt (Triturus vlugaris), Greek stream frog (Rana graeca)
  • Reptiles: Mosor rock lizard (Lacerta mosorensis), Horned viper (Vipera ammodytes)
  • Plants: Bosnian pine,  Alpine anemone (Pulsatila alpina), Wulfenia (Wulfenia blecicii), Alkanna (Alkana scardica), Gentian (Gentiana albanica), Ligusticum (Ligusticum albanicum), Zois’ violet (Viola zoysii)


Status of protection

Thethi National Park, Valbona Valley National Park, Strict Protected Areas (Albania)

Bjeshket e Nemuna National Park (Kosovo)

Prokletije National Park (Montenegro)

Albanian Alps

Nearest city:
Bajram Curri, Theth (Albania)
Peja (Kosovo)
Plav (Montenegro)


TOKA Valbona (Albania)
Email: contact(at)

Environmentally Responsible Action Group (Kosovo)
Email: info(at)

Prokletije National Park (Montenegro)
Email: npprokletije(at)



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