Gramos Mountain

View of the Gramos Mountain and an alpine lake in foreground. © V. Efthymiou
View of Gramos Mountain. © Xh. Xherri
Village close to Gramos Mountain. © Xh. Xherri

Names in the national language

Mali i Gramozit (Albania)

Gramos (Greece)


Location and short description

Gramos Mountain is located at the border between Albania and Greece and is part of the Pindus Mountain range, which continues towards the whole of the western mainland of Greece. A physical extension of Gramos Mountain at the north comprises the Morava’s massif in Albania. Historically, Gramos was one of the venues of the final and harshest phase of the Greek Civil War (1948-1949). Hence, several abandoned villages can be found and until recently, also minefields existed. Until today, the region is quite undisturbed and undeveloped.


Special features

With around 2,520 m, Gramos Mountain has the highest peak in southern Albanian and the fourth highest in Greece. Two of the most important rivers of Albania, Osumi and Devoll, originate in this mountain. Also, two large rivers of Greece have their source at Gramos Mountain peaks: Aliakmonas, which is the longest river of Greece; and Sarantaporos, which is the main tributary of Aoos. The northern and central parts of the mountain range are rich in alpine pastures, while the southern part has a dense beech forest. Near the highest peak of this wonderful mountain there is a glacial lake. Three plant taxa characterized as Balkan or sub-Balkan endemics are recorded in the area. They are known to grow only on Gramos/Morava: Thesium of the Vlach mountains (Thesium vlachorum), Ligusticum rhizomaticum and Solenanthus albanicus.


Main biotop types

Inland cliffs, extensive forests and grasslands, rivers and streams



  • Mammals: Brown bear (Ursus arctos), Balkan chamois (Rupicapra rupicaprabalcanica), Wild cat (Felis sylvestris), Otter (Lutra lutra), Wolf (Canis lupus)
  • Birds: Golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos), Black stork (Ciconia nigra), Griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus), Short-toed eagle (Circaetus gallicus)
  • Amphibians: Alpine newt (Ichthyosaura alpestris) and Crested newt (Triturus cristatus)
  • Plants: Thesium of the Vlach mountains (Thesium vlachorum), Ligusticum rhizomaticum, Solenanthus albanicus


Status of protection

Fir of Hotovë-Dangelli National Park, Managed Natural Reserve, Nature Monuments (Albania)

Natura 2000 area, Monument of Nature, Wildlife Resorts (Greece)

Gramos Mountain

Nearest city:
Erseka (Albania)
Konitsa, Gramos (Greece)


National Agency of Protected Areas / RAPA Korce (Albania)
Email: info(at)

Municipality Kolonje (Albania)
Email: bashkia.kolonje(at)

Municipality Nestorio (Greece)

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