Three rivers complex

Another view of the region. © Green Balkans
Stork found in the region. © Green Balkans
View of the area of the Three Rivers Complex. © Green Balkans

Names in the national language

Maritsa (Bulgaria)

Tundzha (Bulgaria)

Arda (Bulgaria, Turkey)

Árdas (Greece)

Evros (Greece)

Meriç (Turkey)

Tunca (Turkey)


Location and short description

The Three Rivers Complex in the border area between Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey is an important water basin in the Balkan peninsula. The Tundzha, Arda and Maritsa/Evros Rivers convers in the town of Edirne in Turkey and connect the Balkan, Rila and Rhodopes Mountains to the Aegean Sea.


Special features

The area is an important spot for breeding, migrating and wintering water birds, as well as raptors and passerines. Most of the surroundings of the Three Rivers Complex area, however, is characterized by agricultural use, especially in the Maritsa/Evros valley. Along the Greek-Turkish border, a large part of the area is militarized.


Main biotop types

Permanent rivers and streams, mosaic of grassland, scrub and freshwater ponds, arable land and mixed riparian forests



  • Bird species: Black-crowned night heron (Nycticorax nycticorax), Little egrets (Egretta garzetta), Grey heron (Ardea cinerea)


Status of protection

Natura 2000 site (Bulgaria, Greece)

Three rivers complex

Nearest city:
Svilengrad (Bulgaria)
Orestiada (Greece)
Edirne (Turkey)


Green Balkans (Bulgaria)
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Municipality of Orestiada (Greece)
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