Model Municipality Award at the European Green Belt: Conservation efforts awarded in Osogovo mountains, North Macedonia

For its outstanding efforts to preserve the naturally and culturally rich region of Osogovo mountains the Municipality of Kochani was officially awarded


Healthy habitats in Prespa: making space for life to thrive!

A blueprint for protecting the vital places that nature calls home and boosting cross-border collaboration for conservation through mapping and assessing wetland habitats in transboundary Prespa


Welcome to the Week of Neighbours to celebrate culture, history and future of the Bohemian (Czech) and Bavarian (German) neighbourhood along the European Green Belt!

The meaning of neighbourhoods has been changing ever since. Nowadays most of us only greet our neighbours, while in past days we relied on each other. Borders often separate neighbours and sometimes even their cultures. But the European Green Belt has – despite his hostile past – become a place to reconnect with nature and people from „the other side“.


From a distance to close connections: The EGB Interview project 2020/2021

These times make it difficult for us to physically connect. We got stock in a too long, unpleasant pause. We, the European Green Belt Association, decided to enliven this time of disconnection and produced an online interview project with our partners along the European Green Belt. Check it out!


EU-funded project “DaRe to Connect” presented its achievements in improving Europe’s ecological connectivity along the former Iron Curtain

Supporters from several European countries participated in the scientific conference “Science in Support of Ecological Networks – Lessons learned from the European Green Belt” held on April 15 2021 online. Lot's of interesting scientific facts were shared, making it a truly inspiring day.


Lively as the European Green Belt: Our Re-Connect Forum 14 April 2021

To stay and keep in touch with each other remains one of the most valuable aspects of the European Green Belt Initiative. And in these difficult times we perceive it even more valuable to get re-connected on an emotional level. We met online to see and experience each other.


New high-trunk orchards for scops owl in Goričko, Slovenia

Until the late 1990s, Goričko Nature park was a blank slate in Slovenian ornithology. The discovery of a large breeding population of the scops owl, estimated at 210–250 nesting pairs in 1997, was a remarkable surprise at that time. Today, breeding conditions need to be improved.


A paradise for bird watchers, people and culture - Ulcinj Salina!

A new brochure of the 100 most common bird species to be seen in the unique area of Ulcinj Salina Nature Park (Montenegro) reveals the magnificent species diversity. At the same time, the area is culturally unique and worthwhile to be supported. See how the Center for Protection and Research of Birds (CZIP) brings people and nature together.


Traditional shepherding in the Sharr mountains – a booklet takes you to such a beautiful place

In 2020, EuroNatur and partners produced a booklet about traditional shepherding in the beautiful mountain landscape of Sharr/ Korab-Koritnik, situated in the border area between Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia. See what it has to offer!


Borders separate – Nature unites: The youth connects with the European Green Belt

The European Green Belt brings together people from 24 countries from both sides of the former Iron Curtain, from town and country side, young and old, talking about their histories and cooperating for a peaceful and environmentally friendly future. See, how we connect with the youth.

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