For a peaceful, ecological, and united Europe

The European Green Belt is a vital symbol for the peaceful overcoming of a four-decade-long division of Europe.


Invitation to Webinar: BEST Belt calling – your proposals for the European Green Belt!

Members of the European Parliament together with the European Green Belt Association invite you to a public webinar to introduce the idea behind the new pilot project.


BESTbelt First call for proposals

Connect and protect - more power for the European Green Belt. The launch of the BESTbelt calls for proposals provides new opportunities.


A call to participate

Nearby a small German river, a class and his teacher started a project to demonstrate the journey of waste along the Danube to the Black Sea


European Green Belt Nature Culture Conservation Youth Camp organised in Turkey

As part of the European Green Belt Day events on September 20-21-22, young people from different regions of Turkey and experts from Bulgaria met in the forests of Strandja.


Albanian municipality on the Balkan Green Belt honoured with award

The small town of Kukës in northeastern Albania has been recognised as a Model Municipality of the European Green Belt. EuroNatur Executive Director Gabriel Schwaderer presented the award.


EU Pilot Project Strengthens Nature Conservation at the European Green Belt

On November 9, 1989 the Berlin Wall came down – the beginning of the end of the Iron Curtain. 32 years later, the EU-funded project „BEST Belt“ aims to make it easier for local nature conservation organisations getting access to EU funds.


Are we losing the Balkan lynx? –Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme Newsletter published

The Balkan lynx is critically endangered. In order to report first hand from the project areas, the international Balkan lynx team has published a newsletter presenting the successes and difficulties of the work to protect the rare cat.


Campaign Save Latvian Dunes started with a new approach

To protect and save coastal nature, in the last three years the national campaign Save Latvian Dunes has focused on building an accessible nature infrastructure in dune areas and met unexpected support from the local communities and politicians.


IKARUS: Summer festival along the European Green Belt

IKARUS is a summer festival, which coordinates a full calendar of cultural and artistic events, excursions, dissemination activities, as well as best practice and adoption of innovation and communication technology in the cultural sector.

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