Are we losing the Balkan lynx? –Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme Newsletter published

The Balkan lynx is critically endangered. In order to report first hand from the project areas, the international Balkan lynx team has published a newsletter presenting the successes and difficulties of the work to protect the rare cat.


Campaign Save Latvian Dunes started with a new approach

To protect and save coastal nature, in the last three years the national campaign Save Latvian Dunes has focused on building an accessible nature infrastructure in dune areas and met unexpected support from the local communities and politicians.


IKARUS: Summer festival along the European Green Belt

IKARUS is a summer festival, which coordinates a full calendar of cultural and artistic events, excursions, dissemination activities, as well as best practice and adoption of innovation and communication technology in the cultural sector.


Celebrating the International Biodiversity Day in the Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park, Albania

The International Day for Biological Diversity was joyfully celebrated through a series of activities in the Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park.



Shar Mountain proclaimed as national park after 27 years of hard work

Proclamation of Shar Mountain as a National Park happened at Assembly’s 43rd session on 30 June 2021, with 66 votes in favour. With the approval of the new 627.05 square-kilometre national park, a transboundary protected area has now been established totaling around 2,400 square kilometres.


Local communities take the lead of sustainable development in the Korab – Koritnik Nature Park, Albania

The General Assembly of the Local Action Group Korab – Koritnik, organized by PPNEA this spring, brought not only people together fighting for a sustainable regional development, but also created lively discussions


Green Belt in Upper Austria: Water buffalos and other conservationists

In order to preserve the species-rich, open wet meadows on the Maltsch, water buffalos are grazing again after the winter break on the small river that borders the Czech Republic. Since a few weeks, the impressive animals are back on the pasture and can be visited. In summer, nature-enthusiasts can get into action there at the Green Belt Camp 2021!


Model Municipality Award at the European Green Belt: Conservation efforts awarded in Osogovo mountains, North Macedonia

For its outstanding efforts to preserve the naturally and culturally rich region of Osogovo mountains the Municipality of Kochani was officially awarded


Healthy habitats in Prespa: making space for life to thrive!

A blueprint for protecting the vital places that nature calls home and boosting cross-border collaboration for conservation through mapping and assessing wetland habitats in transboundary Prespa


Welcome to the Week of Neighbours to celebrate culture, history and future of the Bohemian (Czech) and Bavarian (German) neighbourhood along the European Green Belt!

The meaning of neighbourhoods has been changing ever since. Nowadays most of us only greet our neighbours, while in past days we relied on each other. Borders often separate neighbours and sometimes even their cultures. But the European Green Belt has – despite his hostile past – become a place to reconnect with nature and people from „the other side“.

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